Dear Internet,

In 2017, the only
things worth investing in will be original and intimate.

A new authentic digital self will rise to the top of the garbage pile.

We will all feel the difference.

Since the advent of this social sphere, we’re collectively exhausted by the endless memes and plastic faces on the verge of cracking.

We deserve more.

The audience has become smarter, more attuned to what feels true - as the "Influencers” continue to spread themselves thin with overly promoted content we all know to be, complete bullshit.

There is another way.

When the approach
is original, when the story smells true -
you will feel it.

Platforms will come and go. There is not a single prescription, trick, gag or gimmick.

There is only finding your true self in the noise, growing some teeth - climbing the garbage pile.

designedmemory exists because we’re sick of the pile.

There is another way.



Dear Internet,

For the past 15 years designedmemory has partnered with brands and personalities to find a more human way to the center.

We’ve constructed tweets, we’ve painted, we’ve edited family photos, we’ve premiered albums, curated collections, rebranded entire fashion houses -
we’ve announced births.  What started with websites has turned to snapped chats, and streaming video. But the
road is the same.

When the approach
is original, when the story smells true -
you will feel it.

If you need to find yourself, touch my name.

Matthew Daniel Siskin

Creative Director,

Ps. Social and Media are dirty words.
Strategy is a given.